pronounce: [zamm-leer]

Diet: Omnivorous


Size: Up to 7 ft/ females up to 5 ft 6 in


Weight: up to 95 lbs/ females up to 70 lbs 

Creature Feature:


Common Name: Zamlier


Scientific Name: Lutracristata Viperibitis
(star-otter 6-limbs) 

Type: Mammal (egg-laying)

Unusual Features

The most unusual features about it are the 6 usable limbs and star-tentacle shaped nose, used for hunting, smelling and gathering objects and food underwater. It uses the middle flippers for extra propulsion when scavenging and carrying things with it's front feet. 



It lives in swamp areas and can move in both water and land.


The zamlier is larger than it's Mustelidae family counterparts. One average, they are slightly larger than the Giant Otter. The largest Zamlier on record is just over 6ft 3in long from tail to snout. 


The zamiler fur is double coat and water repellent. However, living in swamp conditions, algae often gets caught and grows in the fur, giving them a slightly greenish and purple color. Grooming the algae off of each other is a communal activity close zamlier's will do together, or other small creatures have been known to also participate.